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How The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White Shaped My Career

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A Conversation with Helen Knowles-Gardner and Dennis J. Hutchinson

The most recent issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History featured Helen Knowles-Gardner’s essay “How The Man That Once Was Whizzer White Shaped My Career” and the impact that Dennis Hutchinson’s seminal biography of Justice Byron White has impacted her career.

Now join them in a lively conversation about the essay, Justice White and the importance of inspiration in the field of legal history.

Event 2021 1208: Helen Knowles

Helen Knowles-Gardner is an Associate Professor of Political Science at SUNY-Oswego . She received her Ph.D. from Boston University. She teaches classes in American law and politics, and politics and film. Her research focuses on legal history. She is the author of The Tie Goes to Freedom: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on Liberty (2009; 2018 – updated paperback); Judging Free Speech: First Amendment Jurisprudence of Supreme Court Justices (co-edited with Steven B. Lichtman); Her most recent book is Making Minimum Wage: Elsie Parrish v. The West Coast Hotel Company.

Society Event: How The Man That Once Was Whizzer White Shaped My Career — Dennis J. Hutchinson

Dennis J. Hutchinson is the William Rainey Harper Professor in the College Emeritus, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School. Dennis received his BA from Bowdoin College and then obtained law degrees from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes scholar, and from the University of Texas at Austin. He then served consecutively as law clerk to the Hon. Elbert Parr Tuttle of the (then) Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Byron R. White and Justice William O. Douglas of the Supreme Court of the United States. He began teaching in 1976, and since then has taught at the Georgetown University Law Center and at Cornell Law School as well as in the College and the Law School. He is also associated with the Department of History and with the Committee on Analysis of Ideas and Study of Methods and chairs the College concentration program Law, Letters, and Society.

Professor Hutchinson’s most recent work is The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox (edited with David J. Garrow). His book, The Man Who Once Was Whizzer White: A Portrait of Justice Byron R. White was a New York Times Notable Book for 1998. Since 1981, he has edited the Supreme Court Review.