John Marshall Circle

The John Marshall Circle is a group of Supreme Court Historical Society Members who go above and beyond in their financial support of the Society’s programs, activities, acquisitions, building and library.

These Society members make a Gift of $5000.00 or $10,000.00 and are recognized as follows:

  • All John Marshall Circle Members are recognized for two years in the Society’s Journal of Supreme Court History and in the permanent record of the Society’s Annual Meeting.

  • Donors of $5000.00 will receive a literal piece of Supreme Court History in the form of a velvet and silk pillow. This keepsake is fashioned from the velvet draperies that hung in the Courtroom until they were replaced in 2020. These are the draperies that “witnessed” the last Court appearances of Justices Scalia, Kennedy and Ginsburg.

  • The full color Seal of the Supreme Court Historical Society is meticulously embroidered on silk on the front of the pillow and the silk piping is a direct match to the cords that held the draperies in place at the Court. This stunning work is not sold and is not available to anyone other than John Marshall Circle Donors.

  • John Marshall Circle donors who make a gift of $10,000.00 will receive not only the Pillow, but a beautifully sculpted and highly detailed model of the Supreme Court Building. This display piece measures 18” x 8” x 6” and adorns any book shelf, desk, or display case elegantly.

Members of the John Marshall Circle


Members of the John Marshall Circle are distinguished by their financial support of the Society above and beyond that of an Annual Fund Contribution. These members support our publications, programs and acquisitions with an unrestricted gift to the Society.

Brooke Bowman
Joseph E. Frank
Patricia Glaser
Christine Hansen
Gregory P. Joseph
Carter G. Phillips
Kelly Shackelford
Chilton D. Varner
David Weinstein
Robert Weisberg

Should you have any questions you may contact Martha Meehan-Cohen at (202) 543-0400 or [email protected]