The Supreme Court Justices: Illustrated Biographies

The Supreme Court Justices: Illustrated Biographies, 1789–2012, Third Edition, provides a single-volume reference profiling every Supreme Court justice from John Jay through Elena Kagan. An original essay on each justice paints a vivid picture of his or her individuality as shaped by family, education, pre-Court career, and the times in which he or she lived. Each biographical essay also presents an overview of the justice's jurisprudence, the major cases during his or her tenure, and the justice's relationships with the other members of the Court. Essays are arranged in the order of the justices' appointments. Lively anecdotes along with portraits, photographs, and political cartoons enrich the text and deepen readers' understanding of the justices and the Court. The volume includes an extensive bibliography and is indexed for easy research access. Bound in hard cover.

" The Supreme Court Justices collects in one volume 112 biographical sketches of the jurists whose work has defined the Court. These essays, aimed at a general audience, bring the Justices to life through descriptions of their varied backgrounds, personalities, and accomplishments. The summaries provide concise and objective insights into each Justice's career and jurisprudence. The narratives, seasoned with lively illustrations, also highlight intriguing biographical details drawn from life outside the Court. For example, the reader will learn that one Justice was a failed poet, while another was a professional football player, and two others independently helped to break enemy codes during World War II. Collectively, the essays reveal how the Court has evolved over time, enriched by its diverse Members' breadth of personal and professional experiences. The Supreme Court Historical Society's third edition of The Supreme Court Justices keeps pace with both changes in the Court's composition and the enlarging public interest in the Court itself. The volume includes four new profiles of the most recently appointed Justices, updated versions of other Members, as well as new photographs, a revised bibliography, and a section on literature about the Court for young readers. This book is an important achievement in the Society's efforts to increase public understanding of a vital institution. I congratulate the Society on its publication of a general reference work on the Court that is both readable and useful. Lawyers, judicial historians, and students of the Court will happily keep this fine volume within ready reach."

John G. Roberts, Jr.


Chief Justice of the United States