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Historical Documentaries – FDR & The Court-Packing Controversy

History of the Courts

The Jay Court, 1789-1795
The Rutledge Court, 1795
The Ellsworth Court, 1796-1800
The Marshall Court, 1801-1835
The Taney Court, 1836-1864
The Chase Court, 1864-1873
The Waite Court, 1874-1888
The Fuller Court, 1888-1910
The White Court, 1910-1921
The Taft Court, 1921-1930
The Hughes Court, 1930-1941
The Stone Court, 1941-1946
The Vinson Court, 1946-1953
The Warren Court, 1953-1969
The Burger Court, 1969-1986
The Rehnquist Court, 1986-2005

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