Multimedia – SCHS Webcasts about the Supreme Court

  • American Hero – John Marshall Webcast
    American Hero – John Marshall – As Chief Justice, John Marshall made the Supreme Court the strong and powerful 3rd branch of government that it is today. Acquaint yourself Marshall’s distinguished service to his country, which included being a soldier in the American Revolution, a successful lawyer, a congressman, and Secretary of State. Marshall is truly and American Hero. David Bruce Smith and Martha Meehan-Cohen speaking.

  • Abigail and John Webcast
    Abigail and John, authored by David Bruce Smith, is a new book aimed at young audiences that chronicles the dynamic partnership of the Adams, who spent a great deal of their marriage apart due to his serving the country and her raising their family in Massachusetts. Theirs was a modern partnership of two extraordinary people that was way ahead of its time. Listen to the story of America’s first “power couple.” Twenty five minutes and eleven seconds.

  • Celebrating the Centennial of the Supreme Court Clerkship: Is this the Right Year?
    Celebrating the Centennial of the Supreme Court Clerkship (1919-2019) provides an opportunity to examine the origins of this important institution. Did the clerkship really begin in 1919? What about the stenographic clerks employed between 1886 and 1919–what did they contribute? Did Justices deploy their clerks in different ways to help them accomplish their work? Listeners will gain a new appreciation for the contributions of pre-1940 Supreme Court Clerks.